Howling Coyote Mom Killed in Seattle


A Seattle neighborhood is divided over a coyote pack that was recently killed.

According to USDA APHIS, someone asked for them to remove the coyotes. Other neighbors are horrified.

“It was howling. It was crying. It was moaning. It was horrible,” Nancy Bagnulo said.

Early Tuesday morning, several people woke up to gunshots near the Talaris conference center in Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood.

Bozena Jakubik left her house to see what happened, noticing a white truck driving off. Daylight revealed more of what she’d heard overnight.

“I saw this huge stain of blood coming from the exit of her den,” she said.

According to USDA, three coyotes were killed.

“Wildlife services received a request to assist in the management of several coyotes near the Laurelhurst neighborhood in Seattle. The coyotes had become increasingly aggressive toward people and pets in the area,” Jeanine Neskey said.

The coyotes were killed on the Talaris conference center property. The center did not return phone calls asking for comment.

Neighbors said the coyote had pups, and by simply leaving her alone, they never had an issue.

“I’m bothered by the fact we weren’t given the notice or chance to weigh in on this decision,” Janice Sutter said.

According to USDA, someone requested their services. They worked for 3-nights, and used a call box, which is a device that mimics animal distress sounds and attracts coyotes.

“The thing that bothers me mostly is that they’re baiting them. I just don’t think that’s right,” Linn Blakeney said.

“I like the coyotes and it just makes me sick,” David Barnes added.

Wildlife officials believe there are no more coyotes left in this spot, but neighbors worry there may be a pup remaining.

“I’ve seen him running frantically out on the property and calling and crying and looking for his family,” Jakubik said.

Nancy Bagnulo and others say, they like living here because it’s a little bit of wild in the heart of a city, and that means learning to live together.

“If not, there’s not going to be any wildlife left. It’s just going to be people. And who wants that, really?” Bagnulo said.

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21 thoughts on “Howling Coyote Mom Killed in Seattle

  1. Leave these wild animals alone,relocate them if they are threatening any pets or people.Murdering them is wrong they need a place to live and survive just like people

  2. The Washington state director told me that the coyotes has become food conditioned either intentionally or not. In the end, fed coyotes are dead coyotes. Once again- humans are to blame and the wildlife pays the price- every time.

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  4. What a terribly sad report–one that is happening thousands of times around the country.
    Homo sapiens is on a collision course with this planet. Everything is getting more volatile, chaotic, & as humans become more sadistic and violent, more non-humans will suffer as well.
    As Chris Hedges said “this time we’re taking the whole world with us.”

  5. This is why the coddling approach of ‘awwwww, they were only trying to help the animals’ has to stop. Also many times the motive is less than altruistic – case in point, a woman who took four deer fawns out of the wild and either sold or gave them away as pets. She had the gall (or increasingly, the lunacy) to document her exploits on Facebook. There needs to be adverse conditioning for humans feeding/removing wildlife by fines or other deterrents. Wildlife is not an amusement to be disposed of once a human loses interest, or the human brings a potential danger!

    I just read another sad headline about a beloved gorilla, Bantu, that was sedated and died – animals are not inanimate objects to be passed around from zoo to zoo like an art exhibit! Despite the damage control for zoos, most of them are good for nothing but misery for the poor captive animals. A very select few do anything for preservation of the species in the wild, and even that is overrated I think. They all should not be included under that protective umbrella. I hope people wake up someday – zoos are nothing but holdover curiosities from earlier eras. Any monies and resources ought to be redirected to sanctuaries or preserving their natural habitats!

  6. How awful. The other neighbors’ opinions didn’t mean anything, and they weren’t even consulted. Fly-by-night Wildlife Services just swooped in and did their dirty work. Gross! Someday I hope for that agency’s demise, and I will have a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate.

  7. We, as taxpayers, must demand the USDA’s Wildlife Services either be dissolved or radically changed to a non-lethal approach. This agency killed over 3 million animals last year, including bears, coyotes, wolves, and birds, many at the behest of ranchers and farmers. In this case, it was at the request of someone who simply didn’t want to hear wildlife. One thing is clear, this agency’s mission does not fit into our society.

  8. I wasn’t sure if the story was that the some were complaining about the coyote howling, or upset about the howling after the baiting and killings by the none-too-delicate WS! If it was due to howling, that’s crazy. A coyote howl is one of the most beautiful natural sounds there is. I remember reading or hearing something about a person who was bothered by the singing of birds!!!!! Are they bothered by the sounds of jackhammers, motorcycles, leaf-blowers and other unnatural sounds at way too high decibels??? No. The human voice often times isn’t the most dulcet of tones either! Give me a coyote howl or a bird song any day. Shows you how hopelessly far removed some are from nature. What a shame. And WS never fails to disgust.

    • I should add:

      A coyote’s howl is the stuff of legend. Where is the sense of romance, of poetry, with these people? How can people be satisfied with just the dull, boring and mundane? If current events weren’t enough (I was listening to Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holla) and nothing has changed – the lyrics could have been written yesterday.) All of this gun culture and assaults on the environment and wildlife are just more examples of the downhill slide of America, and turning back the clock. I just read where our country is on a travel watch list for some countries! A new high in lows. smh

  9. This is a freaking horror story. These Wildlife Service idiots can go around flexing muscle with no repercussion? Get rid of these rogue hunters with their government- provided dream jobs. I’m furious. There is no accountability with WS.

  10. Killing of coyotes in Pa. Id too vommon. Our wild life service could care less . Last year we had a rat infestation in our home you would not believe.
    Rats carry bubonic plague, ticks, other diseases.
    We had a mom coyote killed here that were staying on my property.
    Heard gunshots other night. 1 pup eas lefy. He is sad we hear him. Saw him once. Probably will die or did by now. This is going to be another rat and other vermin yearyhamks to idiots that do not want to understand anything, but the thrill of the kill. They make
    me sick. They are part of the the circle of life. We have had no killings of livestock on our farm by coyotes. We do have too many deer. Coyote would jrlp keep the population down as nature intended.

    • Hey, Joan!
      Time to get a letters-to-the-editor campaign going. Tell them what you told us: stop killing our coyotes! You aren’t doing anyone a favor. You’re causing rat infestations! Leave them alone and let them do their jobs!

  11. Some people are themselves “human” yet have no humanity left in them and call other species “pests”, yet they are the worst, most abhorrent pests on Planet Earth ever. Being silent is no longer an option. When we do nothing and say nothing this kind of EVIL thrives. Shame on people for ignoring this bloody, senseless, totally absurd massacre for so long. I am disgusted and will do everything I can to stop these “legal” criminals.

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