Top 10 Retorts to Hunter Fallacies

Hunters’ arguments and rationalizations for their sport are so repetitive and predictable that, to save valuable time and precious mental energy, it might help to have your responses printed out ahead of time like flash cards, and kept at the ready in your back pocket. Here, then, are the Top 10 Retorts to Hunter Fallacies you’re most likely to hear the next time you debate a sportsman. (I would apologize to David Letterman, but this isn’t meant to be a joke.)

10) Hunting is”sustainable.”                                              
In today’s world of 7 billion people? Never mind, that’s a joke if I’ve ever heard one.
Do we really want to encourage 7 billion humans to go out and kill wildlife for food as if wild animal flesh is an unlimited resource? The only way hunting could be sustainable for humans these days is if we drastically reduced our population…and killed off all the natural predators. Overhunting has proven time and again to be the direct cause of extinctions, from the passenger pigeon to the Eastern and the Miriams Elk. Now wolves in the Rockies and Great Lakes are being hunted and trapped to oblivion—for the second time.

9) Animals kill other animals, so we can too.
That’s an example of what’s known as the naturalistic fallacy—the notion that any behavior that can be found in nature is morally justifiable. But wolves and other natural predators need to hunt to survive, humans don’t—for them it’s nothing more than a thrill kill. Human beings have moved beyond countless other behaviors such as cannibalism or infanticide, so why can’t some people tear themselves away from hunting?

8) Humans have teeth like carnivores                                                                     Human beings have mostly flat teeth, designed primarily for chewing plant-based foods, as our primate cousins do. Our canines, or “fangs,” are teensy compared to those of gorillas, who are strict vegetarians and only show them to appear fierce. Also, our intestinal tract is long to allow for the slow digestion of high-fiber foods, while true carnivores have short intestines as needed to process meat and dispose of the resulting toxic wastes quickly.

7) Wild game meat is health food.
All animal flesh is rife with cholesterol throughout, and the protein in animal flesh is acidic, causing bone calcium losses as it is metabolized. According to the American Dietetic Association, a diet high in animal products has been linked to obesity, diabetes, colon and other cancers, osteoporosis, kidney stones, gallstones, diverticular disease, hypertension and coronary artery disease. New studies have found that another culprit in causing heart disease may be a little-studied chemical that is burped out by bacteria in the intestines after people eat meat.

6) Hunting is needed to control animal populations.
You’d really have to have no understanding of or faith in Mother Nature to make such a claim—she was doing a fine job of taking care of her own before Man came along and appointed himself “manager” and “game” keeper. No niche goes unfilled for long before some natural predator finds it and fixes a “problem”…if we allow them to. Besides, hunting animals like deer makes them breed more, resulting in more deer, not fewer.

5) If we don’t kill deer they’ll become a traffic hazard.
Two words: Slow the fuck Down. (Sorry, that was four words.)
More animals are hit by cars during hunting season than any other time of year, usually when fleeing from bloodthirsty sportsmen with guns.

4) Hunting teaches respect for wildlife and an appreciation for nature.
Ha! That’s like a serial killer claiming his crimes foster a respect for women. Tracking down and shooting something does not equal respect. Try using a camera or binoculars if you really want to respect them.

3) Hunting is a “manly” sport.
First of all, hunting isn’t even a sport—Sport is generally recognized as an activity based in physical athleticism or physical dexterity. Sports are usually governed by rules to ensure fair competition. A sport is played by two equally matched, or at least equally willing, sides. According to SportAccord, the second criteria determining if something is a sport: it be in no way harmful to any living creature. And anyway, real men respect animals (see above).

2) Hunting licenses pay for wildlife refuges.
In truth, hunting licenses pay for hunter playgrounds, not true wildlife refuges. Take a look at how many “refuges” have been opened up to hunting; or just try to close an area to hunting for the sake of wildlife and hear the nimrods wail. If hunters hadn’t hijacked all the refuges, more bird watchers, hikers and others who truly appreciate nature would gladly pay for a pass to frequent those places. Furthermore, non-consumptive wildlife watchers contribute far more to local economies than do hunters.

1) Hunting keeps kids out of trouble.
Sticking a gun in a child’s hand and telling him or her to shoot Bambi is likely to leave lasting psychological scars, whether it’s PTSD or a heart calloused for killing.

Bonus fallacy) God put Animals here for us to use.
Don’t flatter yourself.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

69 thoughts on “Top 10 Retorts to Hunter Fallacies

    • I tried to watch that video, I really did, but I couldn’t. When I saw that poor animal trying to crawl away and the bastard kicking him, I had to close the video. I will never understand humans who get a rush from torturing and killing animals — never will I understand this mindset. And yet, throughout my adult life, I have thought myself capable of killing a human. In fact, watching that asshole kick that innocent animal makes me want to put a bullet in his head. I have such disdain for the human race. Not all humans mind you, but the morally corrupt, soul-less assholes who take up valuable real estate on this planet are a plague – a plague for which there is no cure.

      • I did watch the entire video and gave it a thumbs down. I will go back everyday and give it a thumbs down if I need to start the video I will a piece of paper over it just so I can
        vote . Can’t even imagine what those 3 assholes who don’t have the balls to show their face did that poor animal after
        they stoped the video. A bullet is too quick, I like to shoot them in both hips and kneecaps, so they have to live the rest of their life in a wheelchair. If they could crawl and find help. Of course I would be there kicking them in there ass a long the way to make sure they live!!!

      • @nackpets: Please don’t thumb down the video; the poster is a friend of mine and has it there to raise awareness, to expose these sadists for what they are, not to condone it, never. It also goes to show a part of the deer & elk antler extract scam where “health gurus” (greedy exploiters) say the antlers are found shed on the ground, while that footage shows the fairly obvious intent of cutting off that elk’s antlers, and sale for profit is the likely “reason.”

      • Laura, Sorry !!! I’ll give it a thumbs up ! I thought that’s what they were doing but I was not sure ,its not a nice thing to have to see . Will they be charge with animal cruelty?

      • I agree. I’m well aware of the implications of feeling this way, but nevertheless, that animal’s life was worth more than the hunters’. It’s ironic that when some human does something really heinous, we call that human an animal. Totally, totally backward.

    • Laura, Sorry !!! I’ll give it a thumbs up ! I thought that’s what they were doing but I was not sure its not a nice thing to have to see . Will they be charge with animal cruelty?

      • Thank you for understanding the purpose of posting that footage. I don’t know the story behind those “hunters,” but this sort of thing goes on everyday around the world where hunters feel they own the wilderness and the animals, and what they falsely “own” they destroy with malice and cowardice, destroying their own souls in the bargain and setting themselves up for Hell, in the end.

        And to Girlforanimalliberation: You’re a kindred spirit, much love and respect to you as well as to nackpets and all our fellow animal advocates.

  1. Great post! And putting the reasons on flash cards before debating one of these hunter-idiots is an excellent idea. The logic won’t penetrate the Elmer’s minuscule brain but it may well influence any “uncommitteds” listening in.

  2. The final nail in the coffin for these types. I’ve been around the block for a while and I’ve seen even more nonsense from wildlife assasins. This one guy told me that “nature is dynamic to the static view I give it” and yes nature is dynamic but not to the level that “hunters” so gratuitously put upon themselves. Some have the nerve to say that “the economy and the enviorment would be ‘fucked’ if humans didn’t kill animals” shessh. And the only ones who will say garbage like this are killers or kill supporters (I use kill because euphemisms suck!). You can’t tell any logical person that killers have respect for their victims which are pumped with lead, arrows, and posion. In my current home this false pride notion runs rampant with camo clans sporting PETA hats (the no-so-nice version) to blanket stares to public “antis” and intimidation. It’s a good thing I bought a shirt with that “Hunt each other, leave the animal alone”

  3. thanks, Jim! Great article ,do those assholes really have the nerve to bring God in on there sick dominant praise of themselves . I’m not as religious as they, but I do remember something about the Ten Commandments . Wasn’t there one that said not to kill?

  4. I’m going to place today’s entire content on my blog, PredatorHaven, with citation to you, of course. Thank you for such a comprehensive list, and for your ongoing dedication to shining a light into the darkness.

  5. And let’s not forget the response of ” Isn’t modern killing natural for humans?” response: “Well the next time I buy a plane ticket I’ll be a “natural” bird.”

  6. Reblogged this on Equillibrium's Blog and commented:
    Another MUST READ… sorry folks, it is coming to that point. EVOLVE, ENGAGE! Science holds the intrinsic answers on this turf, not corrupt Industries and their lobbyists who’s interests seal OUR fate…

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  10. Numbers 5 and 6 are the excuses used by my township for the controlled bow hunt of deer every Fall through late January for the last three years. However, I did catch a couple of empty trucks outside the sliver of public land, so the guys were still in the woods after the allowed time in the evening. So much for police control of hunting. If the police say hunting is necessary to keep the deer populations in check, shouldn’t they post the model they use to count them and post how the hunt has helped reduce deer populations? They say that all other plans are too costly. I plan on getting all information possible to find alternatives to the violence perpetrated on our wild life and talking to the police about it in the Fall. I am concerned that I would be alone in this endeavor, because some in the township are the hunters or many wouldn’t take the time to inform themselves or speak up.

  11. No other animal kills for fun – for sport – no other animal mutilates and tortures other animals because they get a sick thrill out of it – the only animal capable of doing such acts – and does such acts, is the human animal ……

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  14. Excellent post! If there weren’t dead animals concerned, it would be simply ridiculous: humans think they are the masters of the Universe and forget we are atoms compared to the rest of the world.

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  16. Another one is that there are people who need to hunt in order to put food on the table (otherwise they go hungry). While that may, in fact, be true in a very small number of cases in modern society it’s nothing that is to be commended. If anything it’s a sad reflection of a rich society where some people have to resort to hunting and foraging in order to survive.

  17. I’m printing this and posting on my refrigerator for quick responses since it’s that time again. Unfortunately, a 45 acre piece of forested land has been sold to developers a mile from me previously owned by a group of Nuns. My guess is they never thought of all the generations of deer, foxes and other animals living on this land and how they will be removed. Is there any way to remove them without violence?

  18. The “hunters pay for wildlife refuges” is also like saying a slavemaster knows slaves better than anti slavery protestors, or a wife beater cares for his wife better than social services…. Hunters also kill a quite a few human pedestrians annually. As far as I know-they never get convicted of shooting in the wrong place or not being more careful where they aim. One person was shot on their porch-another was shot while watching tv. My favorite response though-is when you point out that humans are not natural hunters–this drives them crazy. Its so easy to show–humans are the only species that requires-totally depends on tools–guns, spears, rocks, traps, etc to hunt. REAL predators like wolves dont need any. The only animals humans can easily kill and consume without tools are insects. Usually these morons will retort that the human mind is the greatest claw or fang ever–but they overlook two facts: humans use tool making for gardening and for KILLING HUMANS. Lots of humans–all the time every day. So if hunting by humans is natural, so is homicide. One time someone tried to get around the tool issue by using the Kalahari bushmen who can designate a hunter to run after an antelope with heavy antlers–but even he needed a water bag and spear (tools). Humans are not natural predators–naturally destructive? No argument at all.

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  22. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:

    10) Hunting is”sustainable.”
    In today’s world of 7 billion people? Never mind, that’s a joke if I’ve ever heard one.
    Do we really want to encourage 7 billion humans to go out and kill wildlife for food as if wild animal flesh is an unlimited resource?

  23. Absolutely magnificent photo! That is what belongs on the wall, not the dead and dismembered animal. As for the answers, they are very good. However, trying to talk with people who won’t listen takes us nowhere. They are going to hunt and their mythology and ideology that excuse the killing are the voices they hear.

  24. Hunting is not a sport. It is by nature inhumane. Hunting is not “fair chase” in any circumstance, except when the game pulls a surprise attack and changes the equation of who is hunted. Man is using scoped powerful, far reaching rifles, ATV’s, high powered binoculars and other technology to get to and find and kill the game. The targeted “game” did not ask to play the “fair chase” game and there is not an equal chance of death on both sides of the game. Hunting with rifles or arrows is inherently cruel. Archers wound rather than immediately kill about half the time leaving the animal to suffer for hours, days, weeks or months. Trappers often leave their victims in traps for 48 hours or more then brutally kill them. One side views the other as recreational opportunities, the other side views the situation as an escape from horror, death and injury, or injury, pain and death. Subsistence hunting evolved into sports hunting and killers of wildlife are called sportsmen. We are long past subsistence hunting as a defensible argument. We rather rapidly turned away from that when humans turned to agriculture and animal farming and human population exploded and continues to do so. Animal farming (AKA ranching) is also unsustainable with 7 billion people going to 10-11 billion by end of the century. Wildlife is being hit hard on multiple sides: rancher, farmer, extraction industry, development encroachments and sports killing (AKA hunting), and wildlife agencies’ killing. So, hopefully, “if it does not feel right, don’t do it” spreads to more and more of the population. Sport killing, hunting, leads to a distortion of wildlife ecology with farming of target game species and a minimization and marginalization of predators and wildlife agencies’ killing and farming for hunters. It is animal slaughter in a horrendous scale with humans killing 27 million animals daily for food, and that is not counting the sea life and hunting. Half the world’s animals have disappeared in the last 40 years.

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  28. I agree with everything you said but I do have an example of a problem that I don’t know of any solution for that doesn’t involve hunting.
    The boas in the everglades and the lion fish in Florida reefs. We caused these problems but they do require action. These invasives are killing the economy systems they are in. Comments welcome.

    • Invasive species control is not why hunters (sportsmen) buy licenses and go out and kill everything else they enjoy killing. Don’t let them fool you that they’re doing a service out of the kindness of their hearts.

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